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Blessings team on the awesome job you are doing please pray for:1. My son needs a job and accommodations. He needs to be settled.2. Also his salvation as I reclaim him for Christ.3. The way forward for me. My next step as I seek God's direction on my next move.Thanks
Marvalyn W.

I am a member of Southview Baptist Church, Rosharon, Texas. We have a debt of 1.2 million on our church that I am praying that the Lord will allow Us to pay this year, 2024. This blessing will allow more funds to go into reaching the lost.
James J.

Please Pray for me when I tell my mother and father that I am going to get Baptised and to pray that I receive Gods Blessing and protection when I tell them. I have been nervous and worried to tell my mother especially as she doesnt understand much about God and Jesus about but I cant delay it longer. I want to be on a journey with Christ and I know telling my parents will get a burden off me. Thank you for this opportunity and thank you for the prays and love.God Bless you all.Shalom.
Laurence S.

My son & grandson need help with accommodation
Lexie L.

Pray for my health. I had a heart attack 2 months ago and recently had a setback (fainted, but not another heart attack) doing cardiac rehab. Hopefully it's just a med adjustment, but please pray for me and my complete healing. I'm only 48 years old, am healthy otherwise, workout daily, eat good, and yet here I am. Also, please pray for my mental strength. This has been a difficult adjustment psychologically. I have a beautiful wife and 3 young kids (13,11,9) as well. Blessings to all of you, and thank you all for your prayers!
Scott S.